Language skills

French language courses
for new comers and companies

Goal 1
Make French language accessible to everyone
Goal 2
 Express oneself clearly in French
Goal 3
Promoting social inclusion through language proficiency
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We provide French trainings and consultancy services in order to develop and certificate French communicative skills for foreigners, whatever his background, level of education and economical situation.

We are dedicated to help you, your employees and especially new comers in Luxembourg to feel more comfortable when using French in his/her job and daily life.

We have a strong experience by providing trainings for all levels for all types of organizations: multinationals, European institutions, banks, universities, start-ups and individuals.

We have a deep knowledge of the Common European Framework of reference for Languages and we focuse all our courses and evaluations.

6 reasons to choose Allagi for your training

Organisme de Formation professionnelle et continue

 Flexible & tailor-made :
individual or small
group lessons
On-line & face-to-face
Calendar planed with a Doodle

Focus on all language areas 

The content of your lessons: general and specific with professional situations and everyday life in Luxembourg,

Communicate skills for daily / professional life with tailored classes

Our classes are based on interaction and are conducted exclusively in French. 

Motivation, innovative
& Positive Pedagogy

We build confidence, and structuration in the learning process to succeed.

Experienced trainers with a Master degree in Teaching French for Foreigners

They are dynamic, creative and passionate about their job!  

Allagi is a social impact company, recognized by governement as a Public Benefit Corporation 

For more information and book a session, contact us and we will contact you shortly !

Our plus ! Know-how

We consider that "soft skills" are essential for personal and professional success and we encourage all investment in the development of the human and  individual ressources.

We propose the perfect adequation between the improvement of the linguistic knowledge and the upgrowth of the soft skills.

Thanks to our trainings, you will develop various skills, as well as an ability to adapt to various situations of communication in French, related to the business sector and the dailylife:

  • acquiring technical and professional language (vocabulary, types of discourse) 

  • developing intercultural skills  (references, context, challenges) 

  • writing effective business correspondence (emails, notes, reports, agendas, formal letters) 

  • interacting with French-speaking colleagues and contacts (meetings, discussions, interviews, phone) 

  • understanding media (written press, radio, reports) 

  • speaking with ease in formal situations (speeches, conferences, declarations, presentations) 

  • speaking French in informal situations (cocktails, lunches, social gatherings, conversations)

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Our activities:

- General French

- Business & Professional French

- Preparation Delf-Dalf

- Communicative skills

- Expertise, Evaluation

- Train the trainer

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The language proficiency levels used at French Academy by Allagi follows the recommendations of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) developed by the Council of Europe. 

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The CEFR provides a common basis for designing curricula and qualifications. It sets out three levels which are recognized   internationally: basic user (A1-A2), independent user (B1-B2) and proficient user (C1-C2)

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" I decided to found this center because I want to share with you my vision and passion of teaching French. I am convinced that continuous learning is an indispensable element for the successful and sustainable development of each individual and company.

Our mission at French Academy  by Allagi is to help our clients overcome cultural and linguistic barriers in order to strengthen their position as leaders in the business world in Luxembourg and abroad.

At French Academy, you learn with ease, we teach with passion."

Céline Veitmann, 2014